Who we are

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OMS-SACEDE is a Spanish company, which operates in the field of environmental engineering since 1979; nevertheless, its origins date back to 1915 in Germany, under the name of OMS.

In the course of its history, OMS-SACEDE has been specialized in leachate treatment, urban and industrial wastewater treatment as well as thermal drying of sludge and cogeneration, among others.

Since 2009, OMS-SACEDE is part of the REMONDIS AG& Co.KG Group.
REMONDIS is the biggest German company in the field of waste management and recycling and is located in 34 countries worldwide. The headquarter is located in Lünen (Germany).

Within REMONDIS structure, OMS-SACEDE belongs to the division of REMONDIS Aqua, which is focused on the construction and management of water supply and sanitation systems.

The activities of OMS-SACEDE include design, construction and management of facilities with cutting-edge technologies, collaborating actively with the common goal of improving the quality of our environment.

During its long history, OMS-SACEDE has successfully completed a great number of national and international projects, for public and private sector.

The excellent training and wide experience of the professional team of OMS-SACEDE guarantee the achievement of the requirements and satisfy the expectations of our clients.